The Cogne valley stands at the foot of Gran Paradiso, which is defined by many one of the most beautiful areas in the world, is protected by Gran Paradiso National Park. This area rich in flora and fauna offers its guests a variety of attractions.

Hotel Le Bouquet enjoys an ideal location to reach all the major attractions that the Cogne Valley offers.


From the parking lot you can reach, in 30-minute walk in the woods, Valnontey, a departure area for the main walks inside the Gran Paradiso National Park. The Valmiana Valley at the foot of the Gran Paradiso offers guests of all ages a 4-hour stroll through the river, immersed in the deepest nature.
Walks inside the Park, and not only, are just the beginning of your trip. Starting from the hotel car park you can reach the “Bosco Incantato” trail through the Lillaz Falls with 1h walk. Lillaz Falls are formed by some rocky jumps through which the crystal clear waters of the Urtier stream flow.














Rifugio Vittorio Sella ( is one of the most visited attractions in the valley, located at 2588 mt, the old hunting lodge of the king, is reachable in 2h walk. For lovers of long walks it is also possible to reach it through the tour of the Herbet, 4h 30.
In Cogne valley you can also practice sport climbing. In Epinel and Lillaz there are two hard rock gyms: Epinel min 3 – max 8A; Lillaz min 2 – max 4. Thanks to the help of the Alpine guides ( you can go climbing in unpublished places.













Not to lose its touch with the downhill, the Cogne valley offers its customers a red ground in the heart of the Sant’Orso lawn. La Sapinière is located a 5-minute walk from Hotel Le Bouquet, conveniently accessible through a lawn promenade.
The Cogne Valley offers bicycle lovers the chance to dive into nature and discover magnificent places. Whether you are a expert or beginner, the valley reserves solutions for everyone. The cross-country ski runs, over 80km, and in winter represent the heart of the sport at Cogne, in the summer they turn into a perfect cycling track surrounded by greenery.














For horse lovers, the Cogne Valley offers the unique experience of discovering the most remote and uncontaminated corners of the Gran Paradiso National Park on horseback. Starting from Valnontey you can safely walk through the Valmiana or for the most enthusiasts to reach the shelters with trails and mule tracks.
For those who want to find themselves or simply enjoy a day in the clear waters of Cogne, it’s possible, by requesting a permit at the farm, to go fishing in the streams Grand Eyvia, Grauson and Urtier. The Lillaz trout, the most famous in Valle d’Aosta, represent a challenge.